It is a class of it’s own: Eheim’s ergonomics

In order to be able to listen carefully, firstly, one needs to be comfortably seated.

It can be quite shocking to see how generations of pupils and students have been tortured by uncomfortable seating!

But it need not be so.
We can offer a solution to find a suitable seat to fit every existing space.
Thoughtful use of versatile seating and technical capabilities combined with reliability, are on offer and live up to the most exacting quality standards.

Seating characteristics depend upon the ergonomic form of the seats; the technical links are dependant upon existing architectural features and the design depends upon the clients and architects.
We offer a broad-spectrum range; from auditoriums suitable for school physics labs, to an upholstered auditorium seat incorporation air conditioning and electronic and data channels.

The composition is highly flexible. A wide choice of wood variations, colours etc., as well as alternatives from our Arena range in synthetic materials, can be incorporated as individually requested.
Maybe our reference list will inspire you?

We are happy to offer you our experienced advice and would be delighted if you then decide upon an Eheim product!